AlgoDyne Ethanol Acquires Land in Canada for Ethanol Production

AlgoDyne Ethanol Energy Inc. has acquired 800 acres of agricultural land in Saskatchewan on which it plans to grow crops to supply ethanol. AlgoDyne has signed letters of intent to acquire a further 3,000 acres as consumers and corporations go green and switch to alternative fuel sources.

As part of the Kyoto Accord Agreement, Canada has agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 6% by 2012. In order to accomplish this, Canada will have to increase its use of ethanol and biodiesel. According to Lionel LaBelle of the Saskatchewan Ethanol Development Council, if Canada were to start blending 10% ethanol into all gasoline sold domestically, it would amount to more than 60 billion liters a year. To make 60+ billion liters using existing technology would take about 6 billion bushels of wheat or canola, producing a yield of about 10 liters of fuel per bushel. At the national average yield of 30 bushels per acre, producing 6 billion liters of fuel would take approximately 20 million acres. Saskatchewan has about 50% of the national total of farmland, so if it were to produce half of this ethanol total, it would take up about 30% of Saskatchewan’s average annual seeded acres.


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