AlgaeLink Develops New Extraction Method

AlgaeLink has announced that is has developed a new method of oil extraction for the production of algae oil without the use of chemicals, a centrifuge, dryer or oil press. With this new method the algae paste is collected from the AlgaeLink reactor through filtering and without any drying, processed in AlgaeLink’s newly developed oil extraction system for which patent is pending.

According to the company, this system not only makes the use of algae oil more eco-friendly but also the production of it. Total power consumption used in a 45m³ per hour oil extraction process is about 26 kW to turn 50 percent of the algae paste into oil. Micro-algae a high potential of energy yield. Some species of algae are ideally suited for biodiesel production due to their high oil content, some as much as 50 percent, and their extremely fast growth rate.

“Some compounds are very interesting as nutritional supplements, vitamins and antioxidants, such as ß-carotene and astaxanthin. As well as important applications in the food industry, the paste can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry as it contains sterols, which can be used as building blocks for pharmaceuticals.” said Marco van de Ven CEO of AlgaeLink

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