Alberta Utility Signs First Commercial Client for Green Power

The first commercial client of renewable energy in Edmonton will purchase 5 percent of its annual load from wind, small hydro, solar and biomass sources.

EDMONTON, Alberta, CA, 2001-06-20 [] Capital City Savings & Credit Union will purchase 150,000 kWh of green power each year from EPCOR, the municipal utility. The purchase is equal to removing 868 cars from the road each year. “We chose to purchase Green Power from EPCOR as we share their commitment to the environment,” says co-op vice president Gail Stepanik-Keber. “Our mission statement to our members states that ‘our community role extends to being environmentally responsible where opportunities exist’. Being a local financial services provider and a client of EPCOR, allows us to do this.” More than 3,000 residential customers have subscribed to EPCOR’s green power program since the residential program was launched in 1999. “We launched the commercial Green Power program so customers would have an opportunity to contribute directly to the environment,” explains EPCOR’s Brian Gerdes. “The program continues to be a success and we are proud to have Capital City Savings join our efforts in using alternative energy solutions.” When customers purchase Green Power, EPCOR ensures that EcoLogo certified energy is added to the provincial grid. EPCOR Energy Services is an EcoLogo certified retailer that buys renewable energy from companies that have received EcoLogo certification through Terra Choice Environmental Services. The Ottawa company administers the program on behalf of Environment Canada.
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