Agway Energy Offers Green Electricity

Agway Energy Products will now offer green power to homeowners and small businesses throughout Niagara Mohawk and New York State Electric & Gas Corporation (NYSEG) electric service territories through a special partnership with Sterling Planet.

Syracuse New York, July 11, 2003 [] The new program provides an option for customers to receive renewable energy generated from wind, bioenergy, and small hydroelectric plants in exchange for a small premium, which is added to their regular utility bill. “We felt it was important to be one of the first competitive energy suppliers in Upstate New York to offer consumers the choice of cleaner energy,” said Mike Hopsicker, President of Agway Energy Products. The Agway Energy Products/Sterling Planet relationship will allow anyone who pays a power bill in the Niagara Mohawk and NYSEG areas the opportunity to enroll for Sterling Green renewable electricity, which is a blend of 40 percent wind, 30 percent small hydroelectric and 30 percent bioenergy from recovered methane gas. “Agway Energy Products’ will help to build the market for renewable energy from cleaner New York based wind, small hydro and bioenergy,” said Mel Jones, President of Sterling Planet. “By partnering to offer Sterling Green renewable electricity, Agway Energy Products is also helping support greater energy diversity, independence and sustainability.” Sterling Green costs an additional 1.5 cents per kWh over Agway’s variable rate for electricity. But the premium helps make up the gap between the prices of traditional non-renewable conventional generation. The difference for the average household is less then 30 cents a day, providing an impetus for New York State residents to help change the way power is produced by supporting renewable resources. Sterling Green renewable energy is Green-e certified by the Center for Resource Solutions. Green-e is a voluntary certification program established by the Center for Resource Solutions, a national nonprofit organization that encourages sustainable growth and promotes the use of renewable energy. “Our members have been waiting for over a year for a choice of renewable energy,” said Kenny Christianson, Director of Co-op Plus Energy Cooperative. “I expect many of them to switch to Sterling Green and commend Agway and Sterling Plant for working to provide us this choice.”
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