Agricultural Feedstock Contributes to Renewable Energy

[] Intrepid Technology and Resources’ reports sources of revenue from waste reductions at its Whitesides biogas plant near Rupert, Idaho. Not only is manure being processed into gases, which is then processed into heating fuel, but the digested fiber is collected and processed into bedding and beneficial soil amendment commodities. The processed water is used for irrigation as well as being recycled through the system to thin the influent manure to proper consistency. Other sources of revenue could increase by as much as 50 to 100 percent: emission credits (carbon credits), renewable energy certificates (RECs), tax credits, sale of organic compost, and processing other organic wastes (cheese whey, animal renderings) to produce supplemental gas. Savings are enhanced through cost avoidance from reduced waste handling operations and economical gas to power on-site operations, not to mention reductions in odor and nutrient loadings in effluent water and solids.
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