Agreement Signed to Licence Solar Dish Technology

Two companies in the United States will market solar dish concentrators that can generate up to 25 kilowatts of electricity.

EL DORADO HILLS, California, US, 2001-05-09 <> Ocean Power Corp and Science Applications International Corp signed a technology licence and consulting agreement last month, under which SAIC will licence its solar technology to OPC for the production of electric power until the last SAIC patent expires in the U.S. and Canada, up to a maximum of 30 years. OPC will use the technology to manufacture and sell solar dish concentrators, or sell the electricity generated from the units. The concentrators are designed for use in tandem with Stirling engines and other distributed power sources. SAIC’s technology consists of a 115 m2 parabolic dish concentrator that focuses solar rays from 16 facets onto a power conversion system. The unit can generate between 15 and 25 kW of electric power, and the dish has been under development since 1993. Under the licence, OPC will make royalty payments based on net sales of equipment incorporating the solar technology, while SAIC will provide consulting services for research and commercialization of the technology. OPC has committed to purchase at least $4 million in services over the next two years, or the licence can be terminated by SAIC. “This development will lead to a near-term contribution to alleviating the current power crunch with commercially viable clean power sources,” says OPC president Joe Maceda. “Ocean Power is a teammate who can take our solar dish from science to commercial application,” adds Barry Butler of SAIC. OPC will create a subsidiary to develop and sell solar conversion systems, and to handle all of the company’s assets directed to solar energy. SAIC will hold a minority ownership in the subsidiary.

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