Advancements in Next-Gen Biofuels; Economic Benefits of Extending the PTC

The race is on to bring the biofuels industry to the next level. As more people question the prudence of food-based fuels, researchers and companies are aggressively looking for commercially viable ways to produce greener alternatives to gasoline.

This week, we’ll talk with Rob Tripp, CEO of Benefuel, a company that calls itself a “next-generation” biodiesel producer. Rob tells us about Benefuel’s proprietary catalyst and how it makes for a more economical and environmentally-sound refining process.

Also, University of Nebraska Adjunct Professor Ken Vogel speaks about a five-year study showing that the energy potential of switchgrass-based ethanol is 450 percent higher than the energy put into growing, harvesting and refining the fuel.

Finally, Greg Wetstone, Senior Director of Governmental and Public Affairs at the American Wind Energy Association considers the importance of renewable energy development during these rough times for the U.S. and global economies.

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