Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals Acquires Biodiesel Producer

Advanced Plant Pharmaceuticals (APPI) has acquired World Health Energy (WHE), which is focused on biofuels and renewable energy production and distribution.

WHE’s proposed biodiesel production plants are designed to produce biodiesel that complies to or exceeds international biodiesel production requirements and standards, including the European standard for Biodiesel EN 14214 as well as ASTM D6751 specifications. APPI’s merging with WHE and closing on the $1.2 million financing previously announced is for the construction of two biodiesel plants. The first will be built in Kentucky and the first customer, a coal-mining operation, will require five thousand gallons a day. Another plant is slated for construction in Florida. In addition to renewable energy production, APPI will use WHE technology to create a newly engineered feedstock as a byproduct of the biodiesel production. Due to feedstock shortages worldwide, plans include selling the feedstock as a secondary source of revenue, capitalizing on all aspects of the biodiesel production process.
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