AdvanceBio Offers Bench Scale Equipment for Pretreatment of Biomass

AdvanceBio LLC this week announced that it is releasing a Bench Scale System for pre-treatment of biomass for next-generation cellulosic ethanol and renewable chemicals industries.

This extends the size range of development equipment offered from Bench (to 11 kg/hr) to Lab (75 kg/hr) to Pilot (190 kg/hr). AdvanceBio also offers commercial scale systems to 600 tons/day for companies planning industrial-scale facilities.

“Our bench-scale reactor systems are designed with researchers in mind. Groups that are developing the next generation of microorganisms, enzymes, feedstocks and crops are our target,” said Dale Monceaux, principal at AdvanceBio. “This equipment will replace the batch steam guns currently used by researchers in universities and technology development companies.”

AdvanceBio was formed in 2007 by principals who brought together more than 75 years of experience in the fuel and chemical technology industry. Today, the firm provides consulting services and technology to companies that are developing new projects in the biofuels industry and biochemical sector.

They provide value-added utilization of renewable resources through the development and commercialization of new and innovative technologies, including starch-, sugar- and lignocellulosic-based ethanol.

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