Acumentrics to Investigate Ammonia as Hydrogen Source

Acumentrics Canada Ltd., is partnering with Natural Resources Canada’s CANMET Energy Technology Center to investigate the use of ammonia as a fuel for Acumentrics’ solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). The fuel cell will convert ammonia to hydrogen and nitrogen internally and release only water vapor and nitrogen.

SOFCs are fuel-flexible and can operate on ethanol and biogas as well as conventional fuel sources. Because no combustion is involved, SOFCs produce only small amounts Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulfur Dioxide and particulate emissions.

“At Acumentrics we are proving that solid oxide fuel cells provide innovative fuel choices,” said Acumentrics CTO and Senior Vice-President, Dr. Norm Bessette. “Acumentrics Canada will work closely with NRCan to demonstrate that ammonia is a viable fuel. This is an excellent opportunity for us to expand our Canadian presence.”
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