Top-ranked articles for 2008

With each issue of HRW, we survey readers to determine which articles they’ve found most useful. Author(s) of these top-ranked articles are presented with an Author’s Award plaque.

Top-ranked articles for 2008 are:

March: “Solving Dam Engineering Challenges,” (p. 14) by Luis Berga

May: “Improving Training of Engineering Students for Hydro Careers,” (p. 22) by Gareth P. Harrison, PhD, D. Ewen Macpherson, PhD, and David A. Williams

July: “Upgrading Turbines at Manapouri,” (p. 18) by Joachim H. Pott

September: “Building Small Hydro in Norway,” (p. 20) by Torodd Jensen

October: “Roller-Compacted-Concrete Dams: Designing Spillways and Outlet Works,” (p. 26) by Ernest K. Schrader, PhD, P.E.

December: “Considering Human Factors in Dam Safety,” (p. 30) by Urban Norstedt, MSc, Carl F.O. Rollenhagen, PhD, and Per E. Eveneus

Technical article reviewers

Technical articles published by HRW are peer-reviewed by individuals chosen for their expertise. Thanks to the following professionals who reviewed technical articles published in 2008:

Terrence E. Arnold, P.E., MWH Americas, Inc.

*Malcolm Barker, GHD Pty. Ltd.

Randall P. Bass, P.E., Schnabel Engineering

Denis R. Caron, Hydro-Québec

Marcus Crahan, P.E., Power Engineering, Inc.

Brian A. Forbes, GHD Pty. Ltd.

John W. France, P.E., URS Corporation

Pierre Lamy, P.Eng., Hydro-Québec

Alberto Marulanda, Ingetec S.A.

Paul C. Rizzo, Paul C. Rizzo Associates, Inc.

*Michael F. Rogers, P.E., MWH Americas, Inc.

*Lee H. Sheldon, P.E., Consultant

Celso Villar Torino, ITAIPU Binacional

*Malcolm Barker, Michael F. Rogers, P.E., and Lee H. Sheldon, P.E. received the 2008 HRW Reviewer’s Citation. Their comments led to significant improvements in the manuscripts they critiqued.

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