Accelerating Adoption — A #REWChat on Large-Scale Renewables

Cost of energy, technological advancements, investor climate, hybrid synergies — these issues and more drive adoption of renewable energies at large scale. What tools, strategies and best practices will accelerate their practical application? That’s what Renewable Energy World will explore for its next #REWChat on Twitter.

Renewable energy occupied a 17 percent share of global energy investments in 2015, up from 16 percent in 2014, according to the International Energy Agency, and mandates for more renewable energy generation will continue to drive that investment level up.

France this month set new targets for renewable energy that will double the annual rate of solar and wind installations in the country, while Spain earlier this year approached 50 percent renewable energy in its generation mix.

The cost to build large-scale facilities is coming down, allowing developers to bid lower and lower power prices into auctions around the world. Furthermore, grid operators are studying how to ensure that they can accommodate greater amounts of renewable energies into their bulk power systems.

Join us on Twitter on Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 11 a.m. EST to explore these market developments and the path for large renewable energy infrastructure progress in the near and long term. Ask questions or share your thoughts via #REWChat.

We will also focus on large-scale renewables as part of a conference track during Power Generation Week in December. You can learn more about the large-scale renewables track and other tracks by clicking here.


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