Able Energy Optimizes Its Supply Chain for Renewable Fuel Products

Rockaway, New Jersey [] In a recently signed agreement with TransMontaigne, Able Energy will optimize its fuel supply chain, accelerating distribution of biodiesel, a clean-burning, soy-based alternative fuel product, furthering its commitment to conservation, energy efficiency, and environmental health. With access to the TransMontaigne fuel supply chain platform, Able Energy can provide its customers with fast, efficient and reliable access to biodiesel fuel, and will offer a biodiesel blend for use in home heating applications supplied by TransMontaigne. In addition, Able Energy’s acquisition candidate, All American Plazas, Inc. has commenced use of a new biodiesel fuel blend also supplied by TransMontaigne at its All American Plaza truck stops in Doswell, Virginia, along with Bethel and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.


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