A Preview of the 110th Congress

The 110th Congress is in session and Democrats are vowing to pursue an aggressive domestic agenda, including providing more funds for renewable energy by repealing some tax breaks for oil and gas companies. The Democrats talk a big game about renewables, but how much will they really deliver in the next two years? Scott Sklar joins us from Washington, D.C. to tell us what we may expect for legislation benefiting renewable energy.

Also in the podcast: Steve Redmond is owner of Vermont Heat Research, a company in Guilford, VT dedicated to researching and designing renewable energy products. Steve has designed the VTHR furnace, which uses green woodchips for fuel. This is a significant development, as it can increase combustion effeciency and reduce costs from drying woodchips. Steve hopes to make the VTHR furnace a viable option for homeowners someday. Inside Renewable Energy offers the latest in renewable energy news and information.

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