A New Energy Direction: A Blueprint for Santa Barbara County

California has long been a trendsetter across the entire renewable energy sector. Innovations in both technology as well as policy have come from the Golden State and now a new report is trying to bring that type of innovation to public policy.

The Community Environmental Council has released A New Energy Direction: A Blueprint for Santa Barbara County, a report that it hopes will be a guide to implementing renewable energy sources for communities nationwide.

Released as part of the the Community Environmental Council’s Fossil Free by ’33 campaign, the report focuses on energy efficiency and conservation, green vehicles and renewable electricity as the three best areas to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels. The report presents a plan to replace fossil fuel and nuclear energy demand over the next two decades. When it comes to renewable electricity, the report first urges communities to evaluate their own local resources before moving forward with implementation.

Once resources have been identified, depending on the one that best fits a particular geographic area, different plans of action can be implemented. These steps include setting up personal solar systems where it is feasible, lobbying government for renewable energy incentives for businesses, utilities and consumers, supporting wave and tidal energy pilot projects and incorporating passive solar design and solar thermal systems into new construction projects.

More information about the report as well as a downloadable copy is available from the Community Environmental Council.

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