A Call to Keep America Beautiful, and Strong

[RenewableEnergyAccess.com] In a speech at the National Press Club, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi presented the Innovation Agenda: a Commitment to Competitiveness to Keep America Number One, calling for greater attention to education, federal R&D funding, communications and an energy plan. She said America’s “dynamic and virtuous cycle of innovation is what secured our status as world leader, and that status has remained unchallenged — until now. …Our goal is energy independence, and we intend to achieve it within ten years.” In particular, Pelosi’s fourth point declared: “We recognize that only innovation and technology can lead America to energy independence. We should be spending America’s energy dollars in the Midwest, not in the Middle East. It is vital to both our economic future and our national security that we develop clean, sustainable energy alternatives, such as bio-based fuels, as well as new engine technologies for flex-fuel, hybrid, and biodiesel cars and trucks. To accelerate this work, we propose a new initiative within the Department of Energy, modeled after DARPA, that develops high-risk, high-reward, revolutionary energy technologies.”
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