$95 M Ethanol Plant Due for Michigan

To support the construction of an ethanol production plant in Marysville, Michigan, Agricultural Processing Renaissance will invest $95 million and create 30 new jobs.

A tax-free Renaissance Zone was approved by Governor Jennifer M. Granholm and the Michigan State Administrative Board. The 42-acre zone for Marysville Ethanol will remain free of state and local taxes for seven years. “Agricultural Renaissance Zones have been instrumental in attracting business and jobs to Michigan’s rural areas,” MEDC President and CEO James Epolito said. “This plant will benefit Michigan farmers and become a catalyst for the development of additional agricultural products.” Two additional ethanol plants recently broke ground in Barry and Calhoun counties with the assistance of Agricultural Processing Renaissance Zone designations. Superior Corn Products, a subsidiary of U.S. Bio-Energy, is building a $55 million ethanol plant expected to create 33 new jobs. Its 49-acre zone will remain tax-free for nearly 15 years. The Andersons Corporation is building a 55-million-gallon dry mill fuel ethanol plant near its existing grain processing facility. The $70 million project is expected to create 30 new jobs. The 39-acre zone will also remain free of state and local taxes for up to 15 years.
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