85 MW Potential from Geothermal Project Site

Nevada Geothermal Power has acquired its fourth geothermal project with the leases on 6500 acres of private land covering the Crump Geyser and an extensive hot spring system in southern Oregon.

The Crump Geyser Known Geothermal Resource Area was ranked in 2003 geothermal assessments by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Federal Bureau of Land Management as highly favorable for near-term geothermal power development. In a mid-1980s visit, the geothermometry indicated source water temperatures of 185 degreeC (365 degreeF) with the resource potential estimated at 85 MW. “The addition of the Crump Geyser geothermal site to our resource base is strategic to NGP becoming a significant explorer and developer of geothermal power in the Western United States,” said Brian Fairbank, CEO and president. The company has free access on the surface for exploration and development and the right to lease land required for the plant site, production well field, pipelines and transmission line right of ways. Nevada Geothermal Power is a renewable energy company developing geothermal projects in the U.S. to provide electrical energy that is clean, efficient and sustainable. NGP currently owns a 100% leasehold interest in four properties: Blue Mountain, Pumpernickel, Black Warrior, all of which are ideally situated in Nevada and Crump Geyser in Oregon. An initial 30 MW power plant is planned to begin generating power at the Blue Mountain site in 2007 subject to further resource drilling and feasibility studies.
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