6 Ways Cruise Ships are Becoming Environmentally Sustainable

Taking a cruise isn’t always the most environmentally friendly vacation. However, those who own cruise lines understand this and they know that many people are trying to become more economically friendly. Because of this, many cruise lines are taking steps to become greener and help cut down on the carbon footprint they leave behind. Many people like a physical therapist or lawyer take cruises each year so it is important to make these as environmentally friendly as possible.

Consider some of the many ways cruise ships are becoming more environmentally sustainable.

Advanced Wastewater Treatment Technology

When considering a cruise line that’s environmentally friendly, you’ll want to check out its policies on advanced wastewater treatment technology. This is how the sewage water is treated. When the water gets treated, it needs to be safe enough to go back into the ocean. Some policies are stricter than others. In fact, some cruise lines don’t use advanced wastewater treatment at all.

The water that goes into the oceans directly affect the sea life. It also indirectly affect humans. We need to make sure that the sewage water that’s going into the ocean is as clean and chemical-free as possible. Making sure that you take a cruise on a ship that has this in mind can help you feel better about your environmentally friendly choices. Some landscaping companies like aaronsfinestlandscaping.com only use the most natural products on lawns which can prevent hazardous runoff wastewater.

Reducing Waste

Another way that many of the cruise lines are cutting back on their carbon footprint is simply by reducing waste. There are several ways to do this, from including reusable dishes, instead of those that are just thrown away, to using recycled materials around the ship. A cruise ship that doesn’t consider the waste they have can produce 7 tons of waste and garbage in a single day. Cutting back on this helps reduce the amount of items that need to be produced and the number that need to be taken care of.

On top of reducing waste, some cruise lines are cutting back on the amount of waste that’s dumped into the ocean. In the past, all of the waste that was accumulated on a trip could be dumped as the ship moves. However, it’s obvious that this is not good for the environment in any way. In many cases, the cruise ships are now waiting until they dock at the port to get rid of waste. This is a better option for the environment, allowing for some of the waste to be recycled.

Cleaner Exhaust

The exhaust and fumes that are created on a cruise ship add to the smog in many areas. Especially around port, this can be damaging. However, it’s also bad when on the ocean. Luckily some cruise lines have been conscious of this. Consider Viking Ocean Cruises, a cruise line that will be offering their first cruises in 2015. They have built their ships with environmental sustainability in mind. They ships offer dual-fuel engines. These engines adhere to the most stringent and strict standards for emissions. They also produce a more clean exhaust than many others.

When producing a cleaner exhaust, the cruise line is able to help the environment. There is not as much carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere when cruise lines are more conscious of what they are producing in terms of exhaust.

Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great way that cruise lines are becoming more environmentally conscious. Cruise lines have to use a lot of power. They light several hundred, and in some cases several thousand, rooms. On top of this, there are pools, kitchens, bars, and entertainment areas that need to be lit both night and day. This isn’t even considering other power needs. This adds up to a very significant amount of energy needed each day while the cruise ship is at sea.

Solar panels can’t power everything on a cruise ship — at least not yet. However, they can make a dent in the power consumption of these lines. Solar panels can light the entertainment areas and even rooms for guests. When adding solar panels to a cruise ship, the power that’s produced helps cut down on the overall carbon dioxide emissions of the ship.

Alternative Fuels

Some cruise lines are looking into the possibility of actually using alternative fuels. Some lines have ventured into the option of biodegradable fuel for their cruise ships. In addition, many cruise lines are working directly with scientists to find out the best options for fueling their ships, while making the least impact on the environment as a whole. This is a big step for these ships and ensures that there’s a better future for the environmental friendliness of cruise ships.

Do Your Part

Many cruise ships also offer options for the passengers to do their part to help the environment as well. For example, most ship lines offer a towel reuse program. This allows you to use the same towel multiple times. How does this help? The less laundry the cruise ship has to do on a daily basis, the less power it’ll use. If everyone reused their towel just one time, it would cut down the amount of laundry done by thousands of towels a day. You can just imagine how much that adds up.

In addition, make sure you’re turning your lights off in your cabin when you aren’t there. Don’t leave things like cell phone chargers plugged in when you’re sleeping or when you’re out of the room. These things may seem like small steps, but they make a big impact when everyone on the ship is doing them. Remember, a small ship can hold more than 900 people, and many large ships can hold several times that. If everyone was to ensure that they weren’t using power that didn’t need to be used, that would help the cruise lines and the environment.

Many of the changes that are coming to the cruise industry are slow changes. They are big and require a lot of time and money to implement. However, these are significant changes that will impact how cruise lines affect the environment. Whether you are a criminal defense lawyer like Jordan Donich or a person who does sales, our environment is everyone’s business.

How do you feel about how cruise liners are handling the environmental problem? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

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