6 Companies that Have Great Environmental Initiatives

Ford Motor Company 

Automotive manufacturers used to be one of the heaviest polluters around, but Ford Motor Company is turning its image around with a ten part environmental policy that has been in force for years. Ford uses sustainable fabrics in its vehicles, and both the Escape and Focus vehicles are 80 percent recyclable. Ford is also an innovator in fuel efficiency, especially in the six speed transmission category, and offers a clean diesel heavy-duty pickup truck.

In the Michigan Ford truck plant, paint fumes are recycled as fuel. Its factories also employ geothermal cooling systems, and the Crown Victoria Interceptor distributed to police has flexible fuel capacity, able to run on either gas or ethanol. Ford is also the proud owner of the world’s largest green roof, and is the only company to win the EPA Energy Star Award two times in a row. Whether they are using a commercial snow company, know that Ford will pick the most environmentally friendly.


Striving to please the families that have made it the giant it is, Disney uses a zero net direct greenhouse gas emissions policies at all its facilities, and is working to reduce the indirect greenhouse gas emissions by reducing electrical consumption. It also has a zero waste policy, meaning none of its refuse ends up in landfills. Disney also uses water savings technologies and is lowering the footprint of its product manufacturing and distribution. Combine this with its policy of having a net positive impact on the environment, and Disney is a clear leader in environmental responsibility. 

Fisher Investments 

Ken Fisher, the founder, chairman, and CEO of Fisher Investments, has lived in California all of his life and is very fond of its native Redwoods, calling them “the world’s most spectacular trees.” He initiated the Redwoods and Climate Change Initiative to help preserve these enormous natural beauties and to cut down on gasses and emissions that threaten their existence. They used a plethora of ways to help the environment whether it is through materials or even adjustable thermostats like seen at http://www.aerosealsolutions.ca/ Fisher Investments have made a dedicated effort to reduce their footprint. 


Hewlett-Packard was the first company to come forward and report its own greenhouse gas emissions. Since then, they have initiated plans to reduce those emissions and have also cut back on the toxic substances it used to use in manufacturing its products, such as ink cartridges. Hewlett-Packard also uses an aggressive recycling program that helps keep much of its manufacturing waste out of landfills. It also spread the word about the importance of environmental responsibility through its ads promoting its green initiatives. 

Johnson & Johnson 

Johnson & Johnson is leading the way in the arena of environmentally responsible personal care products, and has for more than 20 years. Its initiatives reduce the waste its manufacturing and distribution practices create, and it uses sustainable products and packaging methods whenever possible. Johnson & Johnson also owns and operates the single largest fleet of hybrid vehicles on earth. Its strong environmental goals just keep getting stronger year after year. 


Last but not least, Nike is another company that highlights the importance of green initiatives in its advertising, yet goes one step further by actually putting those great ideas into practice. Nike makes an entire line of sustainable sporting goods and equipment, including a basketball shoe made of “environmentally preferred materials,” which includes recycled polyester. Nike also uses renewable energy sources for its manufacturing facilities. In addition to its environmental efforts on U.S. soil, it has pressed 650 of its contracted suppliers in 52 other countries to develop and carry out written environmental policies. This helps the environment all over planet earth. 

Are you surprised to see some of the companies on this list? Are you shocked at some you don’t see? Which businesses do you think need a pat on the back for their environmental efforts? 

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JT was born and raised in northern suburb of Detroit, MI and now resides in Tampa, FL where he graduated from USF with a major in environmental science and policy (ESP) and a minor in English. JT is currently working as a freelance writer and volunteers at the central Florida green building council. Ever since he was a kid he had a love for nature and animals and has been an eco-enthusiast since. JT has always tried his best to do his part to help the world be a cleaner, greener, more efficient place and has always tried get others involved as well.

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