5 Choices You Can Make To Move Your Family Away From Fossil Fuels

It’s Easier Than You Might Think

There is a mounting need for people to decrease their dependence on fossil fuels. The recent oil spill in the Gulf Coast is a visible indication that we as individuals need to shift in another direction. Dalida Jongsma of Natural Dynamics, an alternative energy consulting firm notes, “People are becoming more and more conscious of their carbon footprint. The reality is that these resources are going to eventually run out, all while we are doing irreparable damage to our environment. The need to change is now and people are starting to integrate more environmentally friendly practices into their every day life.”

We’ve created a list of 5 simple things families can do to decrease their dependence on fossil fuels. ::continue::

  •  Avoid Using Plastics: Plastic in general is very costly to the environment, both in production and recycling. In fact, there is no true “recycling” of plastics, they do not decompose and often pose a danger for animals after they been disposed of. There are some very simple things that families can do to reduce their plastic use.
    • Do not buy bottled water: many bottled water products are no different than the water that comes out of our tap. Buy a reusable container and fill it with water from your tap or Brita filter.
    • Bring reusable bags: grocery stores are one of the biggest users of plastics. Bring your own reusable bag when you go grocery shopping and it will drastically reduce your plastic use.
    • Choose biodegradable plastics: there are some plastic products that are bio-degradable. If you must use plastic, then purchase products that will degrade over time.


  • Buy Diesel Cars: These cars can run on biodiesel fuel, which can be made from non-fossil fuel-based ingredients. Most diesel engines require little to no mechanical conversion to run on biodiesels.


  • Go Organic: the newest trend is organic everything, but buying organic food and products have some great benefits not only to your health but to the environment as well. What many may not know is that the fertilizer used to grow and cultivate non-organic foods is made from petroleum products.


  • Telecommute: Working from various locations is so simple with today’s technologies. Smart phones and cloud computing have made working from home easier than ever. By telecommuting, you can significantly reduce not only your cost of transportation but also reduce the need to rely on fossil fuels.


  • Go Solar: This can significantly reduce your dependence on energy costs. By installing a few solar panels on your roof, you can produce your own electricity for free instead of buying it from coal plants. It’s all possible by harnessing the power of the sun; there is no greater energy source on this planet than the heat and energy that the sun emits.


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Dalida is a managing partner is Natural Dynamics a renewable energy company in Chicago.

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