49-MW of Wind Goes Live in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one step closer to its goal of getting 100 percent of its energy from renewable generation sources, as this week juwi, inaugurated a wind farm installed in the Guanacaste region by juwi and its partners GDF Suez.

The Planta Eo?lica Guanacaste wind farm was completed by juwi in 2009 and consists of 55 E-44 wind turbines from German manufacturer Enercon. With a total capacity of 49.5 megawatts (MW), it is expected to produce around 240 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year.

Costa Rica expects wind to play a large role in its energy mix, especially during the dry season between December and May, when the generators will operate at full capacity. Costa Rica already covers about 80 percent of its energy demand with hydro and geothermal power.

During the dry season, however, hydro power stations are working at less than full capacity and as a result power is generally produced with Diesel generators or imported, both at high prices.

“Today we are inaugurating this new wind farm because we know very well that energy is a core element for progress in the communities. We are also aware of the fact that Costa Rica can only cross the threshold to the developed countries if it achieves to guarantee to its population the access to sufficient and affordable clean energy“, said Costa Rica’s President Dr. Oscar Arias.

President Arias launched the program “Peace with Nature“ that is designed to make reduce human impact on the environment in Costa Rica. The goal of reaching 100 percent renewable energy is a core element of this program that his successor Laura Chinchilla plans to carry forward.

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