3TIER Expands Global Availability of FirstLook

3TIER has expanded the geographical coverage of its FirstLook Assessment Reports, which provide detailed estimates of wind resources for potential wind energy development locations, to include Western and Eastern Europe, much of Asia, and the Pacific Rim.

Data for the expanded regions were derived using a physical-statistical model, run through a 10-year simulation across the world’s landmass at a 5-kilometer resolution. Data for the expanded regions has been validated to the same standard of accuracy established for the previously available reports for the United States, Canada and Mexico.

“FirstLook Assessment Reports provide a detailed look at the estimated wind regime in a given location, bridging the gap between basic prospecting and the deployment of observational resources,” said Kenneth Westrick, CEO and founder of 3TIER. “By expanding coverage of this scientifically rigorous, but cost-effective product, we can help shorten the development cycle in these regions of the world that have good wind resources, but currently lack reliable wind resource information.”

FirstLook Assessment Reports can be accessed through FirstLook Prospecting, 3TIER’s dynamic, clickable online prospecting and assessment tool.

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