$300 M Waste to Energy Project for Mexico

[RenewableEnergyAccess.com] They call it the ugly stepchild of the renewable energy industry: waste to energy projects. It may not offer the allure or idealism of swooping turbine blades or glinting solar PV panels, but waste to energy systems are considered by many to be a member of the renewable energy family. And it’s big business in some cases. A USD $300 million dollar waste to energy plant was recently announced through a partnership between the New Jersey-based International Power Group and Naanovo Energy. Using Naanovo’s waste to energy technology, the power plant, based in Mexico, will employ twelve separate combustion modules capable of processing 180 tons of municipal solid waste per day. The modules reduce the waste to levels that are below 10 percent of its original volume and 20 percent of its original weight. The plant will generate a minimum of six MW of electricity as a byproduct of the process. In addition, the natural byproduct of each combustion module is distilled water in substantial quantities (145,920 gallons per day), according to the the company. International Power Group said annual sales of electricity are projected to be USD $135 million and water sales projected to be USD$ 50 million. The facility’s exact location was not disclosed, but is expected to be built and running in just over two years.
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