3 Reasons Why Renewable Energy Is The Prudent Choice for Your Business

Renewable Energy is still something that many UK businesses dismiss as an issue that only really concerns domestic customers, but could this be a worrying misconception? Love Energy Savings’ Charles Whitworth takes a look at three key reasons why utilising renewable energy methods at your place of work could be a no-brainer for all involved!

Here at Love Energy Savings HQ, we speak to many business owners and financial controllers who seem to dismiss green energy as somewhat of a fad, or something that just doesn’t apply to them and this is always to the chagrin of our energy specialists. Renewable energy has just enjoyed its most successful 12 months to date and Germany has even managed to produce more than half of its power via renewable means. This has obviously not purely been down to home energy customers, so why should your company at least consider its commitment to renewable energy?  

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There Is a Plethora of Renewable Energy Suppliers Now Available

We deal with all sorts of energy suppliers and one thing that is becoming clearer and clearer, is that both domestic and commercial energy customers are more than willing to try suppliers other than the Big Six these days. Their waning levels of customer service and the inquiry into their profits by Ofgem and the CMA has led to many gas and electricity customers realising that the grass could well be greener on the other side. Which suppliers are these customers turning to?

Over the last few years, there has been a myriad of new energy companies enter the market and the existing independent suppliers have also upped their game. Flexible pricing options, non-invasive sales techniques and yep, you guessed it, renewable energy options have all led to what is now being referred to as the rise of the independent energy firm. This is not to say that the Big Six energy suppliers do not offer green energy tariffs, they do, but many of these less renowned firms have pure renewables at the heart of their ethos. Indeed, many only offer energy which has been ethically and responsibly sourced.

You can take a look at the full list of Love Energy Savings suppliers here, many of which offer great renewable tariffs.


Using Renewable Energy Will Do Wonders for Your Reputation

Few things are more important to a company, than its reputation and being purveyors of green energy could give you that extra boost you are looking for. People are finally realising how important the future is and renewable energy undoubtedly holds the key to the UK’s and indeed the world’s energy independence. If you can confidently tell your new and existing customers that your company only uses energy that is sourced via green means, this will without a doubt improve the way that you company is seen by the public.

There are all sorts of ways that your business can do this, from getting involved with the Feed-In Tariff and selling your excess energy back to the National Grid to wind turbines. All you need to do in order to find out exactly how your organisation can reap the dividends of being renewable energy champions is get in touch with a supplier that has green energy at the heart of its model or grab a free business energy consultation with Love Energy Savings.


Renewable Energy Can Be Cheaper

Although this is not always the case, renewable energy can sometimes be far more cost effective than traditional gas and electricity. Businesses that decide to invest in alternatives such as biomass and wind power can actually be paid for every kilowatt it produces and then there is the saving they make on their actual business energy bills. Some organisations are dubious about this as they think there is a catch and they are of the belief that they would not produce enough power to make it worthwhile, but it is most certainly worth looking into for any UK organisation. 

Some companies have been known to produce around a quarter of their electricity through solar panels, even with the infamous British weather. These panels will start to pay for themselves after a period of time and then that is when the real profits will start to be realised and you will also be able to rest assured that your business is a renewable energy superstar.

With the energy sector in the UK becoming more tumultuous by the week, there may never have been a better time for your business to take that leap into renewable energy and make that difference.

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This article was written by Charles Whitworth, a renewable energy enthusiast and journalist who works for Love Energy Savings, the UK’s transparent energy comparison site. You can read more articles from this author by visiting his Google+ page or following @youngacademic on Twitter.

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