$3.5 M for Alternative Fuels Grants and Loans in Tennessee

Gov. Phil Bredesen made $3.5 million in grants and loans available to increase the accessibility, development and production of biofuels in Tennessee.

The three programs include Feedstock Processing Demonstration Loans, Alternative Fuel Innovations Grants, and the Green Island Corridor Grant Project, and are funded through part of the $4 million investment proposed by Governor Bredesen and approved by the General Assembly last year to promote the production and use of alternative fuels in Tennessee. These programs represent just one part of the Governor’s Alternative Fuels Working Group’s efforts in developing the state’s alternative fuels strategy. Other priorities include increasing biofuels availability at retail stations, producing more ethanol and biodiesel and communicating the importance of biofuels to the public. “I believe we’re at a critical point in which Tennessee can be a national leader in the development of the alternative fuels market,” said Bredesen. “It’s a smart energy strategy, a smart economic strategy and a smart environmental strategy. Most importantly, it helps create new markets and new opportunities for Tennessee farmers.”
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