100 mgy Biodiesel Facility Will Help Meet Washington’s Mandate

Imperium Renewables plans to build a 100 million gallon of biodiesel manufacturing facility mainly from soybean, canola oil and other extracts in Grays Harbor, Washington. Construction will begin in July 2006, with the facility expecting to be operational sometime in summer of 2007. The facility will be built on land currently owned by the Port of Grays Harbor between Aberdeen and Hoquiam, Washington.

“These are exciting times. As petroleum prices increase and global warming becomes more of a threat, people are paying attention,” said John Plaza, founder and President of Imperium Renewables. Imperium Renewables currently owns Seattle Biodiesel, said to be the largest biodiesel operation in the West. Current capacity at that plant is 5 million gallons of biodiesel each year. With the new facility, Imperium Renewables claims to be one of the largest producers of alternative fuels in the country. The company plans further expansion both domestically and internationally. “Capacity in this country will more than double this year alone, and next year we’ll see an unprecedented increase. Imperium Renewables is focused on continuing to develop our refining processes to provide a cleaner burning fuel, to bring the cost of our products lower and to make it more readily available to fleet managers as well as, eventually, to the consumer,” said Plaza. As an automotive fuel, biodiesel is compatible with any diesel burning motor. Last year, Washington State was only the second state to require mandates for biofuels, which must be implemented by 2008. The new facility will employ 250-350 workers during construction and ultimately about 50 in the completed plant once it becomes operational. “As a company, we feel strongly that the growth in biofuels — particularly biodiesel — has only just begun,” stated Plaza.
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