William Byun

William is a co-founder of the Asia Renewables Group, an Asia based renewable energy boutique specializing in the project development and early stage investment and ownership of renewable energy assets in Asian emerging markets.

The AR Team has engaged in the development of various projects including for biomass in India, PV solar and biogas in Thailand, and VAM, run/river hydro and carbon credit projects in China, as well as engaged in investment analysis and advisory such as for geothermal in Indonesia and the Philippines, solar in Japan, and energy efficiency & construction in Thailand. AR’s strength lies in its team members’ deep experience in leading such renewables project development works “ ground up”, with an emphasis on more challenging geographies such as western China and east Nusa Tenggara.

William also heads AR’s recently created sister company, Greenpower Fuels, to utilize its Asian project development expertise in the sectors of biomass fuel logistics and on pioneering new algae bioenergy platforms in ASEAN.

William has over 20 years experience in infrastructure and investments across Asia, across sectors from upstream and downstream, electric power generation, and carbon offsets including ownership of chemicals, stock brokerage, and energy firms. William is also the Principal of Conchubar Capital Management which included the CIMA registered Conchubar Infrastructure Fund, with US$ 100 million invested into the upstream petrochemicals sector in Singapore.

Previously, William has also been the Managing Director in charge of Renewables and for Climate Change for the Asia & Middle East at the US Fortune 500 company AES Corporation (NYSE: AES), CEO of the RC Group of specialty chemicals companies in the production of plasticizers, oxynol and anhydrides, and Principal of Byun & Co. an investment firm specializing related infrastructure projects and a pioneer of the carbon industry in Asia.

William has served as an advisor to various Governments in Asia, was the first U.S. Fulbright Scholar to the Ministry of Finance in Korea (to the Office for Financial Systems Reform), and served with US OPIC. He has honors degrees in economics, law, finance and sociology from the University of Chicago, University of Michigan and the University of London (LSE and SOAS) respectively. He is also a member of the New York Bar having practiced in international finance and investment law in New York, Tokyo, Seoul and Jakarta. He has also published and lectured widely in the renewables and energy field.

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