Thomas Leurent

Thomas Leurent

CEO, Akselos

As CEO of Akselos, Thomas has an extensive background in technology and risk management. He is committed to applying breakthrough technology solutions to address business and operational challenges. Since co-founding Akselos in 2012, he has led the recruitment of a world-class global team, and helped transform a number of market-leaders with Akselos’ engineering simulation technology.

As part of his MSc he was in Prof. Patera’s laboratory at MIT in 2000 and was part of the group that worked on the Reduced Basis method that is the foundation of Akselos’ technology.  The technology was subsequently enhanced over 12 years at MIT, before winning the largest Deshpande innovation grant in 2011, which secured the launch of Akselos.

Since completing his MSc, Thomas has spent 15 years in roles that give him the insight needed to balance technology adoption and risk management, including as an engineer for GE Power (ALSTOM at the time), a US Government scientist, an enterprise software architect, and head of investment risk for a major European bank.

Thomas has been exposed to the world of technology start-ups throughout his career. He is actively engaged in the global innovation ecosystem and an Angel Investor in a number of successful deep-tech start-ups. This includes early-stage investment in some of the most successful Swiss start-ups, including Sophia Genetics, the world leader in data-driven medicine.

Akselos is based in Switzerland, which is widely regarded as the most innovative country in the world when it comes to taking technology from the lab to the commercial market. It’s listed as first in the Global Innovation Index. The company headquarters are in the Innovation Park at Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), which is a purpose-built dynamic environment for high-tech companies. The park is connected to the university (EPFL) which gives it access to one the most advanced scientific communities in the world.

As an investor, Thomas has around 10, deep-tech start-ups in his portfolio and is a trusted advisor and mentor at the early stages of their growth. He was responsible for setting up the start-up mentoring service at EPFL, which is based on, and now an extension of the Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) at MIT.   

As an entrepreneur and CEO, Thomas has secured the largest Deshpande innovation grant from MIT and successfully led three funding rounds to get Akselos where it is today. 

He is passionate about contributing to the global innovation ecosystem and giving back to the entrepreneurial community.

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