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How to Adopt the Green Life for your Business

If you take a look around the world, it is easy to find that many businesses are participating in large initiatives in order to go green. Why? Well, it just makes sense to do so.

Nowadays, the benefits of a business going green often outweigh the initial spend – plus the government now offers various tax breaks and credits to businesses participating in the green movement.

A green business says a lot about the owners. It shows that they care about the world their customers live in, and are doing their best to help improve it. Customers want to see this engagement.

If your business has been discussing a conversion to the green world, there is no better time than now. I wanted to outline two easy ways your business can start cutting waste and costs as you wade into the sea of green business.


Save Energy

Heating, cooling, and lighting systems often play a large part in a business’s expenditures. It costs a lot to maintain a comfortable work environment. However, adopting green initiatives into your business’s energy use can significantly cut the cost and waste of your energy usage.

Take a look at the energy use around the office. We have already talked about the HVAC and lighting systems; what about computers? How about appliances? Are these left on overnight – every night? Much like a home, a business can also suffer drastically from phantom energy loss – losing thousands of dollars annually in the process.

Encourage employees to understand this and do their part in shutting down computers at the end of the day and unplugging unnecessary appliances, such as the microwave, toaster, or coffee maker. This will significantly cut down on the phantom energy loss your business may be suffering from.


Go Paperless

In the business world, paper plays an enormous role. However, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, a typical office employee wastes 350 pounds of paper per year. Yes, you read that right. 350 pounds of paper per employee is almost unimaginable.

It is important for today’s business to help combat this by adopting paperless initiatives. Utilizing time tracking technologies can significantly cut paper waste, while also making records much more accessible to your employees. These technologies are everywhere. Take a look at your business’s paper usage and find where you can cut back.