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As a Senior Staff Engineer for Engineering Dynamics Incorporated, Mr. Price is responsible for performing analytical and field services in the areas of vibration, pulsations, stress analysis, fluid flow and acoustics. Mr. Price’s Masters Degree research involved identification and removal of noise transmission paths in small reciprocating compressors. During the research, unique signal processing techniques involving multi-dimensional coherence measurements were developed that provided estimations of the number and relative quality of noise generation mechanisms present in complex systems. He has also written or helped to write computer codes for solution of acoustic problems in two and three dimensional cavities using the finite element method, and for other problems associated with dynamic energy propagation in systems. At EDI, Mr. Price has been the principal investigator for many field studies diagnosing vibration problems in the energy sector, and other industries. He has authored several technical papers in the areas of reciprocating and rotating machinery and measurement techniques. He has also been the major contributor in the design and development of complex data acquisition and long-term monitoring systems that have proven useful at quantifying and identifying intermittent vibration problems.