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My approach to environmentalism was formed in large part by my practical MidWest upbringing. Growing up in Outstate Minnesota, I was taught to be fiscally conservative: to plan for the long-term, to invest in things that will last, and to save for the future. I was also taught to be socially open and aware: to be respectful of other people, places and nature. (You never knew when you were going to need help getting your car out of a snowdrift and you will definitely want to go swimming in that lake again someday.) I grew up in a hunting and fishing family and community. We went camping practically every weekend in the summer, and played outdoors all winter. My love and respect for nature grew into a passion when I went to school in Colorado and got hooked on the mountains. Advocating for energy efficiency and clean energy allows me to combine my passion with my practicality. In my mind, it is the most fiscally conservative and socially aware investment that we as a society can make. It saves money, makes people more comfortable, cleans the air, creates jobs, and it lasts!