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I am a growth and funding strategist who helps entrepreneurs and organizations to thrive, prosper and achieve their most ambitious goals. Using a proprietary methodology that I developed, I work with my clients to develop a step-by-step action plan that builds a bridge between the present and their aspirations. Using this model, I have helped my clients to access more than $146 million in grants and funding, and enabled them to deploy new programs and strategies, conduct research, commercialize innovative technologies, reach new markets and customers, increase market share, extend their brand, address community problems and issues, grow internationally and much, much more. I work extensively in the renewable energy sector. Some examples of my successes include: - $9.1 million Department of Energy grant to commercialize a new technology - $1.1 million Conservation Innovation Grant to develop a biomass demonstration project - Two consecutive Community Connect grants (2011 and 2012) in excess of $1 million each - $6.6 million to deploy a telecommunications infrastructure in rural Northern California I am author of Business Grants: Everything You Need to Know to Connect with Local, State and Federal Grants for Business and speak at conferences, workshops and events including Tribalnet (technology), New Energy Capital Summit, Pacific West Biomass Conference and the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp presented by the Cambridge Innovation Center. I will be speaking at the 2013 Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Energy Summit in Berlin, this fall. I write for a number of publications have been featured in in dozens of articles and television news shows across the U.S. and internationally. Part of my in-depth understanding of the reasons why some projects or companies get funded and others don’t stems from my work as a professional reviewer of funding proposals for a diverse range of funding programs including: U.S. Department of Treasury; Oregon Department of Education; Rural Utilities Service; U.S. Department of Education; Department of Health and Human Services; Administration for Native Americans; Florida Department of Education; U.S. Department of Energy; Community Development Block Grant program and more. I know first-hand what those who hold the purse strings look for when determining which projects get funding and which get tossed aside. I am fluent in Spanish and have worked in Colombia, Perú, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. Specialties:My areas of funding expertise include startups, renewable energy, technology, communications, small business, law enforcement, public safety, Homeland Security, sustainable development, job training, education, Veterans, the environment, research and development, commercialization, arts and culture and international projects.