Richard Price

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I’m the Primary Founder of Global HeatXchange, LLC (GHX) – an Industrial Applications & Consumer Products Company based on a structural new group or family of heat exchangers that are USPTO / PCT filed.

We Provide Solutions for the Coal, Oil & Gas, Alternative & Renewable Energy, Gasification Industries for Generating Electricity, Heating Homes & Hot Water.

My Background & Specialties are Business Enterprise Start ups, Waste Heat Recovery, Fuel Conservation & Applied Heat Transfer New Product Development.

I have 35 Yrs R&D Exp, Knowledge & Skill Sets developing numerous inventions & consumer products. Many of which are well known & in use today around the world. I’m a member of a multi-generational family of inventors, engineers & entrepreneurs.

The GHX Proprietary Structural Heat Transfer & Exchange Technologies & Processes are highly efficient, versatile & applicable for every field where “Heat” or Cooling” exists or utilized, including but not limited to: Industrial Exhaust Stack Waste Heat Recovery, Steam Power Electric Generating Plants, Carboniferous Fuels Secondary Combustion Waste Heat Recovery, Gasification / Thermal Oxidation & the Alternative & Renewable Energy, Nuclear, Solar, Wind & Geothermal Industries.

When this versatile group of heat exchangers are structured & engineered for Secondary Sequential Combustion Waste Heat Recovery, the industrial application or consumer product embodiment can be “Very Near 100%” Waste Heat Recovery Efficient; fully capable of capture & re-use of virtually all the waste heat & particulate matter exiting a flue, chimney or exhaust stack.

We have been developing hot water heaters, coal, wood & pellet stoves products for consumer home use that drastically increase Heat Output, Reduce CO2 emissions, particulates & fuel load requirements.

Recently, we have started to commercialize the technology, seeking global business opportunities’ to license & manufacture consumer products & Industrial applications worldwide.

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