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Richard Mignogna

For many years I led a small technology management consulting firm focused on technology forecasting & assessment, strategic technology planning, technology scouting, and S&T intelligence. I was also formerly the founding Director of the Management of Technology graduate program at the University of Denver. For over six years, from 2005 through 2011, I served the Colorado Public Utilities Commission as its Senior Authority on Renewable and Alternative Energy where my principal role was to assist in the implementation of Colorado's Renewable Energy Standard and the deployment of other clean energy technologies. And, pivoting on my prior career as a geological and rock mechanics engineer, I have long held a particular interest in geothermal energy. Today, I am back in the consulting world assisting clients with the assessment of energy technologies (especially renewable) and policy matters. I count among my specialties the fields of: ~Technology forecasting & assessment ~Strategic technology planning and market development ~Science & technology intelligence ~Renewable and alternative energy ~Technology scouting ~Program design and project management. I also teach in the University of Colorado at Denver M.S. Global Energy Management Program.