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We, Real Green Engineers Pvt. Ltd, (An ISO 9001 - 2008 certified Company) are leading Manufacturer & Exporters of world acknowledged high performance Wind Turbo Ventilators / Roof Top Ventilators / Air Ventilators / Natural Ventilators / Eco-Ventilators/Attic Ventilators / No Power Ventilators.Wind Turbine Air ventilators perform continuously for 365 days, 24 X 7 - continuously in motion, utilizing natural wind energy. Roof Ventilators are totally weatherproof, Dust and Rain leak proof & can withstand Very High wind Velocity and extreme climatic condition. Running cost of motorized exhaust fans can be eliminated by implementing wind Turbine roof ventilators which do NOT REQUIRE POWER / ELECTRICITY, MOTOR, WIRING, MAINTENANCE or RUNNING COST. Wind Turbo Ventilators which are very light in weight and durable can be mounted on to any type of existing industrial roofs without disturbing the existing structure. Wind ventilators require very minimal wind speed available to function and perform.Natural ventilator provides a safe, cool, healthier and more controlled environment by removing the entrapped heat, smoke, dust, odor, industrial pollutant particles, moisture and dampness ensuring better working environment, thus contributing to employees better Health and Productivity.Choice of the MOC (Aluminum or Stainless Steel), FRP / Metal Base, Size, Quantity of AIR VENTILATORS - depends on various factors such as wind velocity, temperature differential, environmental conditions, size of the building, location of the building, profile of the roof & air change required. Different sizes of wind turbo ventilators ranging from 14" to 34" are available which are recommended after considering the above facts.The ventilators can be Powder coated as per customers requirement at extra cost.Third party Inspection can be arranged on request at extra cost at our factory premises / warehouse.Contact : Mr. Manoj PrabhakarCell: +91 9731264334Email: sales@realvents.comWeb : www.realvents.com