Patrick McDonnell

Patrick McDonnell has extensive business development experience in energy and agriculture. His business experience includes the founding and management of several companies spanning over 30 years. Examples of companies created and projects developed include: a major energy marketing company, over 20 power generation projects, the promotion of several private natural gas pipelines, and the establishment of agricultural production and marketing cooperatives.

In addition to creating new businesses, he has provided consulting services to a diverse range of clients in a wide range of projects. For example, for conventional producers of natural gas and electricity: crafting short and long term fuel supply and power sales contracts, crafting and overseeing energy trading and hedging strategies and the development and implementation of a diverse range of energy marketing programs. For agribusiness clients: development of new production and supply divisions, development of marketing strategies and corporate restructuring. For bioenergy firms: managing strategic planning projects, creation of feed stock supply strategies and implementation programs, directing contracting initiatives for energy products in utility and private markets, assisting with carbon emissions assessments, commodity trading and hedging strategies, as well as a broad range of corporate restructuring and M&A consulting. In addition, he has provided regulatory representation and advocacy in front of governmental agencies for a range of clients and client consortia. Mr. McDonnell holds a master’s degree in Regional Planning from Harvard University and a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture from the University of Missouri, Columbia.

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