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Top Ways to Save Money With Green Energy In Your Home

Today it’s politically and socially correct to look for top ways to save money with green energy in your home.  Before you add solar panels or buy a wind turbine take a few days to examine your home with an eye to energy consumption.

The first step to using green energy is doing whatever necessary to make your home as energy efficient as possible.  When you install solar panels or buy one of the new small wind turbines you want to be able to use every bit of that energy you produce.  Wasted energy is counter production.

Check Your Doors and Windows

A drafty home is wasting energy in all seasons.  Drafts not only let cold air in but also release cooled air to the outdoors.  It can introduce humidity that costs in energy to remove or can leak humidified air into an arid environment.  Don forget to check the space between the bottom of exterior doors and doorstops to be certain there is a good seal.

Examine caulking and seals around windows and doors and replace any that cracked or compressed.  Old caulking should be removed and replaced.  Many areas of the country have older homes with single pane windows even today.  For about $2500 you can replace those with double pane, energy efficient windows and save in energy costs for many years.


We all know EnergyStar appliances save in energy costs though there is debate as to the real cost efficiency.  The higher cost of buying energy efficient appliances has been reduced so investing in them makes sense financially. 

It’s also important to buy appliances of the proper size for your family.  A more expensive washer and dryer that can handle extra large loads is a good buy for a large family but may waste power for a small family washing smaller loads. 

A chest freezer is more energy efficient than an upright freezer but size is important here, too.  If you use green energy to cool an empty space you are not saving money in your home.  Choose a chest freezer that is only as large as you need.

Heating and Cooling

The top ways to save money with green energy in your home are found in your heating and cooling systems.  You can obtain cost savings by replacing an old HVAC system with a new, energy efficient model.  A programmable thermostat is now standard for many homes to avoid heating and cooling areas when they are not in use.

There is no better or cheaper green energy than a simple breeze or shade from a large tree.  Instead of turning on air conditioning on mild days, use cross ventilation by opening windows to capture a breeze. 

This sounds so simplistic and yet most homeowners today seldom open windows at all.  Use thermally lined window coverings to keep the afternoon sun from overheating living areas.

Insulate everything.  Look for air leaking in through switch plates and electrical wall outlets.  Double the insulated in your attic space and make certain attic vents allow the air at the top of your home to circulate.  Install automatic vent fans if needed.  These fans are especially useful in areas where days are scorching but cool substantially after sunset. 

Build for Green Energy

When building a new home or remodeling plan ahead to use green energy solutions.  Open floor plans allow maximum air floor and reduce the wasted space of closed in rooms.  Install new cool roofs and a passive solar system.  One of the top ways to save money with green energy in your home is to reduce the square footage of your home’s footprint.

If remodeling, look at ways to use the same space you currently have but configure it in a different way rather than adding additional new square footage. Earth bermed homes can be built that utilizes the natural insulation of earth while also allowing light with eastern and southern walls exposed.

Homes in the U.S. have much wasted space.  We are accustomed to large bedroom and bathrooms big enough to host a party.  This is an area that needs re-thinking when you look for ways to save money with green energy in your home.  Reducing wasted space will yield huge savings in energy costs.

Take it Step by Step

Once you have made your home as energy efficient as possible with insulating and upgrading home systems get an energy audit.  Most people get this audit before taking any action but it’s best to correct obvious defects and then pay for an energy audit to point out problems you didn’t think of.

If you can afford it, install your own solar system or wind turbine.  Alternatively, look at the potential for organizing your town or neighborhood to establish a green energy power source.

Top ways to save money with green energy start with common sense active to reduce the energy consumption of your home.  From that point you can progress to solar water heaters or an active or passive solar system

The trend to green energy will only increase in the future.  Planning ahead will let you take advantage of reduction in prices and increasing availability of green energy.