Melissa Stark

Melissa Stark is a Managing Director at Accenture with over 26 years of experience in the utilities and broader energy industry focusing on R&D/technology, investment and decision support, and operations and supply chain.  Melissa is Accenture’s Global Lead for Renewables focusing on wind, solar, hydropower, batteries, renewable gas, and hydrogen.   She has authored more than 40 papers and articles over the last 10 years.  Her latest papers, “Network of the Future: Wind Beyond 50%” and “Commercial Optimisation for Renewables” were released in May and September 2020.     

Melissa has an MBA in Transportation from Northwestern University and a BSc in Finance from the University of California at Berkeley.  Melissa served as Assistant Chair of Technology for the US National Petroleum Council study, Advancing Technology for America’s Transportation Future.  She is a Fellow of the U.K. Energy Institute and Chairs the Energy Institute’s Electricity Board.  She was also the Project Lead for the Accenture work with the World Economic Forum to developing the System Value Framework and the Path to Maximising System Value.

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