Mark Bünger

Mark Bünger is a Research Director at Lux Research. Based in the firm’s San Francisco office, Mark currently leads the Alternative Fuels, Bio-based Materials and Chemicals and Targeted Delivery practices. He joined Lux Research with 14 years of business strategy experience, both as a management consultant and technology analyst. Previously, Mark was a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, an International Engagement Manager at European consultancy Icon Medialab, and a Managing Director of Icon Medialab’s U.S. office. The first six years of Mark’s career were spent at Accenture in the U.S., U.K., and Sweden.

Mark’s education includes International Marketing at Mälardalen Polytechnic in Sweden, and Market Research at the University of Texas in the U.S. He also studied biochemistry through the University of California at Berkeley’s extension program and currently works in the Center for Quantitiatve Biology at the University of California, San Francisco. Mark speaks English, Swedish, and German, and is conversant in French, Spanish, and other European languages.

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