Marin Katusa

Casey Research’s Chief Energy Investment Strategist Marin Katusa is an industry leading energy investor, with a specific expertise in global resource exploration and alternative energy production, including emerging ‘green’ energies.

From oil and gasoline prices, to natural gas export numbers, to coal and uranium demand, Marin is a thought leader on the energy commodities markets. His in-depth market knowledge and close network of industry experts allows him to provide informed perspectives on the economic viability and investment potential of wind, solar, hydro- electricity, geothermal, and nuclear energy as well as oil, natural gas, and coal. He digs deep to spot trends before it makes it on to the radar of traditional market pundits.

He and his team of analysts and writers produce three investment publications for individual and institutional energy investors:
• Casey Energy Opportunities provides a broad overview of energy sectors.
• Casey’s Energy Report searches out the best in small-cap energy companies whose stocks are poised to benefit from major developments or shifts in the commodity markets or political landscape of energy.
• Casey’s Energy Confidential is for the sophisticated investor and focuses on the earliest stage energy companies.

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