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I grew up in a hilly western suburb of Pittsburgh, where as a teenager I spent many a weekend hiking with my friends in the woods around our neighborhood. One of my earliest ambitions was to clean up nearby Chartiers Creek so that we could fish and swim in it. (Too bad I didn’t know about citizens suits!) Fast forward several decades. After some years in a broad public interest environmental law practice, I now work primarily on high power electric grid policy reforms. I love machines, and the electric grid is the largest machine in the world. Making that machine smarter and cleaner is the mission of the Sustainable FERC Project. Our current priorities include removing barriers to getting clean energy on the grid, maximizing the use of energy efficiency in grid planning, and phasing out dirty power plants. We also help our allies around the country decode the black box of transmission planning and markets. Our playing field includes the federal agency that regulates the high power transmission grid – the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) – and the regional transmission grid managers that have to answer to FERC. VARs, ISOs, RPM, DSM, PJM, NTAs, MISO, WECC – I work in a sea of acronyms and actually enjoy it!