Jamie Hahn

Jamie Hahn is co-founder and Managing Director of Solis Partners, a leading provider of solar energy systems. Solis develops, designs, engineers and constructs solar power systems for the commercial, utility and non-profit markets. Jamie has built an experienced team focused on providing optimized on-site energy generation. These systems enable their customers to transform their underutilized real estate into revenue generating assets through a variety of project finance structures including sale lease-backs, solar power purchase agreements (SPPAs) and solar roof leases.

Jamie brings 15+ years of experience in sales, business development and executive management with a strong track record in identifying, building and managing technology-based businesses. Prior to Solis Partners, Jamie co-founded a software development company that launched some of the largest software sales kiosk solutions for companies such as Sam’s Club, CompUSA and Motorola throughout North America. He also is experienced in the sales and implementation of turnkey wirelesses network management solutions for corporate and educational institutions and has worked on various wide area network computer security projects in over 1000 libraries and 85 colleges and universities. Jamie holds a BS in business administration with a focus on finance from the University of San Diego.

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