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George Mamulashvili

Ph.D., author of 12 inventions, including three inventions of the air thermal power plant of the artificial cyclone action - vortex power. All these inventions are based on the availability of electrical energy in the toroidal space on the boundary differential pressure and temperature at the point of twist of the vortex torus. Moreover, the station operates as a system of motion upper and downward movement depending of type of climatic conditions of construction. Theoretical foundations of a very complex calculation made in 1995, and these theoretical studies are now in 2011 is confirmed by calculations in the software ANSYS CFX. Vortices's form a precisely calculated point toroidal space, which involves loyalty hypothesis of swirling around a central strut tower station air flow. Such power that arise in the work of the vortex turbine can provide significant need in both industry and housing. Now runs R & D for power stations with capacity of 5-20 MW up to 30-100 MW.

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