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George Chih-Chung Chou

George is the founder and president of Sunho Biodiesel Corporation. He holds a Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering. He has had over 35 years of experience in industrial process system engineering in fields ranging from refinery to petrochemical to chemical industries. Before setting up his companies, Dr. Chou has worked for CTCI Corporation and ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute). In 1987, he established his first company and now heads the research and development division of his group of companies. Since 2001, he focused on biofuels and promoted sustainable technologies. His current work revolves around the use of enzymes to produce biofuel and biobased chemicals. His multiple globally patented technologies include oil extraction, oil degumming, manufacturing of fatty acid alkyl esters and production of monoglycerides (patent pending). He also has many proprietary technologies. These include lipase immobilization, solvent recovery and solvent dehydration, among others.