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We cover 100% of the cost to design, permit, insure, install, test, warranty, monitor, repair and operate a complete solar energy system. There is NO COST whatsoever to your business. that will reduce your utility bills by over 20% the first year and that savings will increase year after year, Residential No money Down Financing,Simple Credit app. low rates, Systems 100% your in 10 years or less (depending on terms)We also have a fund raising program ( The School, Hospital or Organization of the home owners choice will receive 1/2 of the Commission on any Residential Solar Project received within that district) I am the only one offering this and it comes out of my own pocket.The FIT program will make that lease payment plus give you additional money for other programs, You could be leasing your Roof top and parking lot, We will also pay for and install Carports, Lighting, Fencing and Security Cameras to place additional solar panels to increase your generation potential. We are Specialist with FIT Programs and have installed or contracted to install 240MW in the last 160 days, In CA and HI. and I am looking for help/partners