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Emily Anderson works at ClearSky Advisors, an independent research and advisory firm focused on renewable energy, where she holds the account manager position. Emily holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in both Spanish Literature and International Development Studies from Mcgill University. She is fluent in both written and verbal Spanish after living abroad in Mexico. Additionally, she also is a certified yoga teacher. Before working at ClearSky Advisors, Emily worked in Sales and Brand Promotion at Nespresso, an internationally renowned espresso company, from 2008-2012. Since becoming part of the ClearSky team in 2012, Emily has fulfilled a variety of roles in the office. Dabbling in both the creative and more research-based aspects of the company, Emily began to design and edit reports and articles, coordinate external marketing efforts, and conduct extensive interviews with key stakeholders in both the U.S. and Ontario Solar PV markets in order to gather invaluable first-hand knowledge of the solar industry that is used to better inform ClearSky Advisors' research reports and consulting work.Most recently, Emily has taken over the role of Account Manager and is helping to provide effective business and market insights to companies operating in this rapidly changing sector. Ultimately, she hopes to contribute to the success and growth of the renewable energy industry by making current, fact-based insights available to companies that will be able to make the transition to green energy a reality.