Colin Yost

Colin Yost is a Director of RevoluSun Solar Corp. He is also a Principal and General Counsel of RevoluSun LLC (RevoluSun) and Distributed Energy Partners LLC (DEP), and has managed the legal affairs of RevoluSun and DEP since 2010.

Colin’s legal background includes energy and environmental law, civil litigation, business law, consumer law, civil rights, Native Hawaiian rights, real estate matters and administrative proceedings before the Hawaii Public Utility Commission and other administrative agencies. A fundamental player on the RevoluSun leadership team, Colin has been navigating the changing energy and tax legal landscape through various industry and policy shifts.

A native of Portland, Oregon, Colin began his law career as an advocate for social progress and has reinforced this commitment with each of his professional roles. Prior to moving to Hawaii, Colin served as an Assistant Attorney General in the Financial Fraud/Consumer Protection Section of the Oregon Department of Justice, where he led the State of Oregon’s investigation and prosecution of western energy companies, including Enron, Duke Energy and the Williams Energy Companies, for matters relating to the west coast electricity crisis of 2000-2001 and secured settlement agreements worth $32 million to the State of Oregon.

Colin received national recognition from the National Association of Public Interest Law for his work with the Cultural & Natural Heritage Project to preserve Native American sacred sites in Oregon and Arizona, and also worked with the National Voting Rights Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2011, Colin was selected for the prestigious Pacific Century Fellows Program, a program dedicated to promoting leadership and community service. Prior to joining RevoluSun, Colin was a partner in the law firm of Cruise and Yost for four years and an associate attorney for the law firm of Paul Johnson Park & Niles for three years, both in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Colin graduated from the University of Pennsylvania, cum laude, and is a member of the Cornelius Honor Society at Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College, where he received his J.D.

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