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Captain Ozone is considered by many to be the most phenomenal environmental activist of all time. Ozone made his debut in uniform on March 13th, 1989 and then appeared in a syndicated comic strip and televised rock music video in 1990. He also starred in radio, television and movie theater PSAs throughout the 1990's. Ozone is saving endangered species, promoting renewable energy and ecological art, and also teaching school kids how to produce renewable energy television PSAs that are aired on American and Canadian television. Ozone claims to be from the year 2039 from whence he time-traveled to 1989 to save the world from an ill-fated future. With only his toilerang weapon in hand, the masked man's mission is to stop our diabolical oil moguls from starting the apocalyptic Petroleum Wars. Will the caped, clean energy crusader help create a global Green Power infrastructure that will make our nations energy self-sufficient and prevent World War III?