Amanda Staudt

Amanda Staudt is a Senior Scientist in the Climate and Energy Program at National Wildlife Federation, where she provides scientific expertise for NWF’s research, policy, and outreach activities on climate change. A major aspect of her work is to effectively communicate to the general public and key decision makers the latest climate science and impacts. She authors highly accessible reports, engages in media outreach, and makes presentations to diverse audiences. Much of this work has focused on connecting the dots between extreme weather, climate change, impacts on communities and habitats, and available policy and management solutions. Dr. Staudt also co-developed the NWF Eco-Schools USA Climate Change Connections curriculum for students in grades 7-12. These lessons integrate NASA data and resources into a program that helps students learn about science and about improving the sustainability of their schools. An additional focus of Dr. Staudt’s work at NWF is to help develop the intellection and practical foundation for climate change adaptation in the context of fish, wildlife and habitat conservation. Prior to joining NWF, Dr. Staudt was a Senior Program Officer for The National Academies Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate. In this capacity, she directed the Climate Research Committee as well as several ad-hoc studies on topics ranging from future research directions in the climate and atmospheric sciences to how weather impacts road transportation. She also authored a 28-page booklet, Understanding and Responding to Climate Change: Highlights of National Academies Reports, a user-friendly summary of climate science, now in its third edition. She holds a Ph.D. in atmospheric sciences and an A.B. in environmental engineering and sciences from Harvard University.

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